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Established in 1987, Kalis and Co. International offers a full spectrum of services to the music industry world wide.

These include:

  • Bouzouki Repair
  • Appraisals
  • Bouzouki Restoration
  • Customizations

We repair and restore all types of Bouzoukia to their original condition. We are able to restore any vintage of Bouzouki from the early 1900’s and up to todays modern vintages, bringing them back to their original state. We can also repair a multitude of damages, as we are fully knowledgeable and equipped to re-manufacture any damaged or missing parts. Because we construct our own Instruments, we can disassemble and repair any kind of damaged Bouzoukia.

We offer a limited warranty on everything that leaves our warehouse and workshop, therefore offering you peace of mind and firm assurance as to the quality of our products. In addition, we offer custom services on string manufacturing giving our corporate clients an opportunity to produce their own strings for all kinds of instruments, from guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, bouzouki and other types of international instruments, at low costs and based on your specification.

Bouzouki Repair Services
Kalis Repair services include; replacing strings, dressing pegs, fitting new pegs, peg box cracks, reaming peg holes, peg hole bushings, broken scroll, replacing double bass tuning machines, dressing or replacing nut, dressing or replacing fingerboard, broken necks, resetting necks, neck block cracks, replacing neck-block, tail-block cracks, replacing tail-block, wing cracks, saddle cracks, soundpost cracks, other cracks, removing top, removing back, bulging rib, seam separation, corner blocks, removing mould & mildew, linings, cleaning away old glue, gluing top, gluing back, gluing ribs, cleaning / polishing, varnish touch up, installing soundpost, fitting tailpin, fitting endpin, bridge placement, dressing bridge, fitting new bridge, adjusting tailpiece hanger.

Bouzouki Restoration Services
Restoration of an instrument in the Bouzouki family usually includes several of the services listed above. An instrument may come to the repair shop in many pieces and with some pieces missing. In some cases the varnish will have been stripped away and the ground-coat tampered with. We can restore any instrument, no matter what condition it is in. Our restorations can go beyond regular Bouzouki repair practices. We can repair ground-coats when traces of the ground-coat have been destroyed, we can apply a new ground, strip badly damaged or “melted” varnish, apply varnish, remove linseed oil from the wood, replace major parts such as neck, table, ribs or back.

Please contact us for an assessment and quote tailored to your specific instrument.

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